My sincere hope is that through this website you too will be more inspired to discover how the power of gratitude can change your life!
— Yulunda

Getting Started with Y I'm Write!


If you are desiring more out of life, want practical personal development, enrichment and step-by-step common sense strategies that will begin to produce sheer happiness in your life, you're in the 'write' place.

This space was created for you, the person who wants to...

  • Live a happier life
  • Inject gratitude into every area of your life
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence in yourself
  • Love yourself first and be glad about it
  • Reduce procrastination
  • Become a person who executes while feeling less stressed
  • Further develop your people skills
  • Improve relationships 
  • Foster your social skills

THE MISSION - To provide the best resources available to begin to impact the lives of those who have a sincere longing to change for the better. 

THE VISION - Expand in every area of life in order to see a manifestation of God's promises as established in the universe.

The one thread that is flowing through this world is people belting out negative words of self doubt and proclaiming that we simply cannot make it when times get tough and that we must live with the hand we are dealt. Well, since I am a Vegas girl, I am here to show you that if you are purposeful, focused and dedicated, you can play your cards in a way that you can't help but 'win'. With so many people in the world telling us we can’t succeed, we need to hear people telling us we can --- Pick me!

At some point, we bought into the notion that anything contrary to what the world has taught us is fantasy and we need a serious dose of reality. And, to add insult to injury, we further inject pessimism into people based on statistics instead of telling people they are more than a stat and in fact, they are made for abundant living (I am not speaking of $ here but bigger life abundance).  There are millions of people that believe the only dreams that come true are those we have while asleep. Well, today, I am yelling, "Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed."

I am here to tell you that the KEY to a favor-filled spiritual life is GRATITUDE!

Let's Pause and learn how powerful GRATITUDE is and how much HAPPINESS it produces...  

We have more than enough negativitists (yes, I made this word up) in the world. We do not need these naysayers in our circle or life (no matter who they are). What we need are encouragers, optimists, radicals (like John the Baptist type), and dream chasers. 

“If you have a burning desire inside of you that you simply cannot put out, you must NOT give up and keep going, no matter how hard the climb, no matter how painful the scars. Remind yourself that because you are wonderfully and skillfully made, you are worthy. 

Now, hold your head up, straighten your back, smile and Move Forward In Righteousness XO.

The benefits of practicing gratitude and living a life of purpose without any reservation of what another may feel is pure liberation coupled with endless joy. If we regularly practice gratitude by taking time to reflect upon the things big and small surrounding our lives paired with a thankful heart, we will experience a total life shift. In fact, if we can live in the now (which is what gratitude forces us to do), we have more positive emotions, lively spirits, better health, sleep, and relationships.  

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