Grace is available for each of us every day - our spiritual daily bread - but we’ve got to remember to ask for it with a grateful heart and not worry about whether there will be enough for tomorrow.
— Sarah Ban Breathnach


Gratitude is so important to me. Here is why...

Every year, no matter how simple someone make think it is, I try to hone in on one word that I use regularly throughout the year such as: Patience, love, support, and favor. This year, during my meditation, I immediately was drawn to the word gratitude. To be grateful about one's life is EVERYTHING! Guess Why? Well, you already know, things could always be worse.

I believe that gratitude is the center of reaching one's true potential. Honestly, if we are not grateful for what we have (and, if you live in America, no matter the woes, you are blessed), and what God has placed in our lives, the opportunities we have been afforded, I do not believe more will be granted to us.

You see, when God established this earth, there are some principles that the universe must respond to such as positive energy (and negative energy), thanks, faith, encouragement, hope and gratitude (I focus on the positive). Or, in other words, since God spoke the world into existence, the spoken word is what will impact our lives the most. I don't argue with people about their creation belief's because that is not my role in this earth. Yet, I respect their choices and encourage them whenever necessary. Read more here.

Make gratitude a part of your daily life journey because it will change your vibration and draw so much more into your blessed world. 

Get your journal today and start writing and reflecting daily! Yes, that is a challenge! :)



"I've learned to make faith and gratitude the first things I pack in my suitcase of hope!" Y.G.

"I've learned to make faith and gratitude the first things I pack in my suitcase of hope!" Y.G.

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